Bible Story Crafts – Moses Parts The Sea Bible Story Card Craft

This specialty is one of our Bible where each child makes their own individual card. Already we have had an egg shell mosaic where the children did one art in a gathering. Presently we will make cards that the children can bring home. It tends to be done to enhance the past art or it very well may be utilized all alone. Making creates that they can bring home is consistently a major rush for the children. This one is exceptionally simple yet compelling.

Bible reading plan generator: Ex. 14:21 Then Moses loosened up his hand over the ocean and GOD, with a stupendous east twist throughout the night, caused the ocean to return. He made the ocean dry ground. The sea waters split.

What you requirement for this specialty:

  • White paper cut into 4″ X 8″ strips
  • Pencil
  • Shading pencils
  • Felt tipped pen

What you need to do:

  1. Make folds into the pieces of paper, isolating it into three equivalent parts.
  2. On the center part draw the sand and maybe a couple of fish expanding on the dry land to clarify that the dry way was ocean seconds back.
  3. On the two external parts, draw the ocean and ocean life.
  4. Shading in your image, the dry sand earthy colored and the ocean, blue with the hued fish.
  5. Compose the stanza on the base in the piece of paper.
  6. Presently you overlap the left side to the center, covering the dry land. The second overlay you need to make is to take this external piece and overlap it from the center out once more, presently it just covers half of the dry land and the water scene you drew on it tends to be seen.
  7. Do likewise with the correct hand side.
  8. Your drawing of the dry land should now be secured from the two sides.
  9. To represent the splitting of the ocean, pull on the two sides to open your image, presently you can see the dry land in the center and the ocean on the two sides.