Tricycles for Kids

One of the best ways you can guarantee good, safe exercise for your kids at recess are trikes! Not to mention the fun! And a great way to encourage independent or group play (with our multi-rider tricycles). Kids on their tricycles are able to ride around your fenced-in playground, enjoying the health benefits of the exercise that comes along with the trike riding and the independent learning gained from adventuring from one side of the playground to the other with the speed of a swing! Multi-user tricycles for kids allow your child to share that experience with one or two of their classmates.

Tricycle kids trike is a great way for youngsters to get their energy out between restless learning, and even after school if you are looking for another play option to entertain your son or daughter after school. Long summer days mean longer bouts of energy from your kid(s) – let them enjoy the warm weather while zooming around on one of our tricycles for sale below!

Single rider kids trikes for sale – great equipment for your child to get some experience in independent play and learning. We also option in trikes for toddlers.